33rd Annual Boot & Saddle 
                                 Trade Show

         October 1-2, 2021


    Saddle Contest Rules for 2021

    The Annual Boot & Saddle Makers Roundup Saddle Contest 
    will be a 2-Day Event, with the contest beginning Friday morn at 9 AM & ending Saturday afternoon. 
     The winner presentation for both the boot & saddle contests will begin at 4:00 PM, on Saturday, Oct 2nd, in the trade show area.
    1.  Saddles can only be entered in one category, so pick the category which best fits your saddle.
    2.  In order for the judges to have time to judge your saddle, your saddle must be entered no later than
         10 AM Saturday morning.  Friday is better, as your saddle would be on display longer for everyone to see.
         You are welcome to place business cards on them if you wish.

    3.  Last year everyone expressed that they would like to receive a checklist on what improvements could
         be made on their work.  A short checklist will be provided this to year to everyone.

    Placques will be awarded to winners! Winners will be picked by anonymous Judges, who are chosen for their many years of experience in saddlemaking, & are Master Saddlemakers.
    The categories will be as follows:

    BEGINNER   This category was created to encourage first time saddlemakers to show their work and compete on their own skill level.  To be eligible for this category the saddle must be the saddlemaker's VERY FIRST saddle, & must have been started AFTER last year's contest.  The saddlemaker may have guidance and instruction, but ALL construction & tooling MUST be performed by the saddlemaker.

    NOVICE  This category was created to encourage the less experienced saddlemakers to show their work & compete on their own skill level.  Saddlemakers wishing to enter this category must have 5 YEARS OR LESS EXPERIENCE.  This is a true novice class.

    OPEN GEOMETRIC   Saddles in this category will be full or partial tooled GEOMETRIC stamped (basket,waffle,barbed wire, etc...).  PLAIN (not tooled or stamped) saddles may be entered in this category..Plain or geometric saddles with Floral, Decorative knife cuts, or Figures must enter the Open Floral category.

    OPEN FLORAL Saddles entered in this category will be full or partial tooled floral, oak leaf, figures, or decorative knife cuts.  Geometrics MAY be incorporated

    WORKING COWBOY This category is for saddles focusing on workmanship & durability.  A heavy duty saddle for the working ranch cowboy.


    Saddle entries will begin at 9 AM Friday.   Please bring your own saddle stand.  We invite all saddlemakers to bring their best work & come be a part of this fun event.  If you have any questions, please contact us :  Pebble & Robert Brown, Brown Boot & Saddle, 940.210.8155.

    We look forward to seeing you in Wichita Falls!

    Robert & Pebble Brown, Saddle Contest Coordinators


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