33rd Annual Boot & Saddle 
                                 Trade Show

         October 1-2, 2021


     Boot Contest Rules for 2021

      If you have any questions concerning the rules, feel free to contact me at 940-872-6935 or mvaughnboots@aol.com.

    Boots must be checked in at the table NO LATER THAN 4:00pm FRIDAY to be entered into the contest.
    Each contestant is limited to ONE entry per category, & boot must have been made since last year's contest.
    Boots cannot have been previously entered in any boot competition
    All boots will be entered as a PAIR, not a single boot

    All work must be done by the individual entering the boot and no one else, except in the Shop Boot category
    If you are entered in the Open category in any division, you cannot enter the Intermediate category as well.

    All categories will be judged anonymously by bootmakers who have been in the business for years and whose work is considered master quality.  To eliminate any “conflict of interest”,
    no judge will have a boot or a student whose boot is entered in the contest.

    An “Exhibition Only” table will be available for boots and bootmaker products to be displayed

    The following categories will have 2 (two) levels of entry:  Intermediate and Open.  
    You may choose the level you wish to enter but you CANNOT enter the Intermediate level if you have previously won that category.  You may enter the Open level of the category,
    even if you have previously won the category.If you are entered in the Open category division in any division, you cannot enter the Intermediate category as well.
    NOTE:  The winner of the Intermediate level will be awarded a plaque; the winner of the Open will be awarded a placque.
    Top Stitching
    Boots will have top stitching only - No inlays, collars, brands, initials, etc. anywhere on the boots.
    Working Cowboy Boot
    Built of sturdy leather (bull hide, pig, elephant, water buffalo, wildebeest, waxed calf, shark, hippo or taurus shoulder).  May include initials, brand and/or a collar.  Collar can have cutouts or inlays.  No more than 3 colors of leather on top, including the top leather.
    Dress Boot
    Boots should be simple and elegant, i.e. something that could be worn for dress with a suit or pair of slacks.  May include initials, brand, collar and/or tooling. 
    Artistry Boot
    Tops of the boots MUST have a substantial amount of inlay/overlay work on them or be tooled (not just a brand, initials and/or a collar).  The foot may also have inlay/overlay work, but is not required.
    The following categories have only 1 (one) level of entry: 

    Journeyman – constructed 15 or less pair of boots
    Basic boots with top stitching only - no tooling, inlays, collars, brands, etc.  Journeyman should concentrate on the basics of building a good boot.  The winner of this category will be awarded a buckle.
              *   If you enter the contest as a Journeyman, you can ONLY enter this category
              *   If you have won the Journeyman you CANNOT enter this category again.
    Shop Boot
    Boots built in a shop with more than one person working on them.  The winning shop will be awarded a plaque.
    Masters Boot
    Anything goes - Let your imagination lead you. The winner of this category will be awarded a placque.

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